Star Trek Online’s Age of Discovery is coming to consoles on November 13th


Earlier this month, Perfect World Entertainment released the first chapter of Star Trek Online’s Age of Discovery update for the game’s PC version, and a new press release reveals that console players will soon be able to get in on the action as well. On November 13th, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players will receive chapter one of Age of Discovery, allowing them to board the U.S.S. Glenn and join Cadet Sylvia Tully — voiced by her Star Trek: Discovery actress Mary Wiseman — on the first part of a multi-part adventure to defend the Federation from destruction at the hands of J’Ula, matriarch of the Klingon House of Mo’Kai.

The console version of the game will of course be receiving all the same features as the PC version, including a brand-new tutorial, two new episodes, “a streamlined mission journal, added Reputation Tiers, a new Task Force Operation and other new gameplay features.” And as the press release notes, the launch of chapter one of Age of Discovery marks the perfect time for new players to jump into STO, as the update “unlocks the level requirement for all missions and the new streamlined mission journal helps navigate through content to identify the game’s most important storylines.”

And while players await the arrival of Age of Discovery, they can take part in the returning Hearts and Minds mini-mission. Although Hearts and Minds, being something of a horror story, is usually available only on Friday the 13th, the devs have decided to bring it back for the spookiest day of the year — Halloween, of course. The mission, which rewards an exclusive reward to those who complete it, will be available from October 30th until November 1st.

Source: Press Release, Official Site

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