Black Desert revamps pet exchange system, kicks off ‘Celebrating Millions’ events


Black Desert’s Halloween day update has more than just sweets: It’s got a revamp for the pet exchange system, intended to make the acquisition of higher-tier pets much easier. You’ll now be able to see your rate of exchange success, the new pet will inherit your main pet’s experience total, more pets traded in will boost your chances of getting an even better one, and you can even now swap pets of different species. “However, exchanges can be limited based on the Type of the pet,” Kakao notes. “For example, though a dog can be exchanged with a cat, Premium pets such as a Choppy cannot be exchanged with a cat.”

Meanwhile, remember how Black Desert announced it had 10 million global users a couple of months ago? Kakao doesn’t want you to forget that anytime soon. It’s running a series of events called “Celebrating Millions”:

“The event Celebrating Millions entails three events that will start after this week’s maintenance and will run for three consecutive weeks. The first Choice of 10 Million event will reward players with the newly added Cliff’s Weapons which can be exchanged into Gold Bars depending on the level of enhancement. More events of great benefits will follow in the upcoming weeks. Aside from the playable event, players can also look forward to special login rewards such as Shakatu’s Luxury Box, Artisan’s Memory (x5), and Advice of Valks (+50).”

Source: Patch notes, press release, pet shop event

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There is only 1 thing you can do to this game to make it playable. 1k pearls per day log in reward


The whole pets thing is a nice touch but it’s like trying to sprinkle sugar on the giant shit sandwhich that is the costume melting system. It’s like they finally add real P2W to the game and in return they decide to make one of the ultra predatory RNG cash shop systems slightly less predatory by letting you pay more for guaranteed success. Thanks Pearl Abyss.