Blade & Soul reveals plans for upcoming December content update


Although Blade & Soul is still in the midst of its Blade & Ghoul Halloween event, the latest producer’s letter from Producer Jonathan Lien is looking forward to the game’s future — its upcoming December content update, to be exact. Players are likely aware by now of the class specialization update that recently hit the Korean version of the game.

“Initially,” the post says, “this update was scheduled to be released in North America and Europe this December.” However, in the wake of player feedback and reactions to the update, the devs have come to the conclusion that “the best decision for [the] players [is] to wait and delay the release of the class specialization update, which will allow [them] to include additional balance changes and adjustments made over the coming months when [they] release that content.”

Of course, that’s not to say that there isn’t plenty in store for players in the near future. The post says that the team will be releasing details about the upcoming Golden Harvest Festival event “in just a few days,” and Lien assures players, “We are still planning to have plenty of content for our December update, which introduces two exciting dungeons, powerful legendary equipment, new systems, and additional quality of life improvements.” Hopefully we’ll be hearing more details about what exactly players can expect in the December update soon.

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