Crowfall shows off the art of designing sound for creatures


Sound design is important when you’re working on an MMO. You want, say, the giant spiders players are fighting to sound right… but that already seems like a misnomer, because giant spiders don’t actually make any sounds due to them not existing. So it’s fascinating to watch Crowfall’s creatures get their sounds designed, because how do you make the spider sounds? In this case, you combine the sounds of pigs squealing with barn owl screeches, then do some complex audio alchemy with the sound of a toy drum running across blinds.

Equally fascinating are the game’s elk noises, because it turns out that there’s only one real sound to record when it comes to elk, and that’s an eerie-sounding mating call. So that became the main sound for the “hunger” version of the animal, while cows, horses, and moose became the foundation for its non-corrupted version. Check out the full video just below if this sounds fascinating to you. (Pun fully intentional and not apologized for.)

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