Final Fantasy XIV previews the role-swapping abilities of Eureka Pyros

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It seems fair to say that the last installment of Eureka in Final Fantasy XIV was not considered delightful by fans, but Eureka Pyros is trying something different. Specifically, it’s trying to let players enjoy the glory of swapping in new and exciting actions that would otherwise be restricted to other roles and jobs. Want to provoke and tank as a White Mage? Heal the party effectively as a Red Mage? That’s a thing with the new logograms available in the region.

Players can combine multiple logograms into one action, which can then be assigned as a duty action (one action at first and two at a time by progressing in the story). You can ultimately have three different sets of customized actions available for use in Pyros, allowing for some unorthodox configurations for anyone who wants to hunt down and recombine the fragments of actions. Check out the full preview for a few more hints of what’s to come in this superheated region.


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Sounds like they’re trying to push even further into invoking memories of FFXI, lol.


I’ve just started to get into the Eureka zone to get my weapon and it’s fun so far. I haven’t gotten very far and I understand I’ll probably want to find some groups eventually, but it’s fun to have something else to do aside from instanced dungeons all the time.

I was initially annoyed I couldn’t just use dungeon tokens to also get a weapon, since I don’t have the time to commit to doing harder content like raids and ex primals (which are apparently the only other weapon options). It was made worse by how many people say they hate Eureka. But honestly it seems pretty similar to other systems we’ve had in the past and it’s a nice change of pace.