Time travel to Secret World Legends’ Dark Agartha November 14


So what happens if all the Secret World Legends’ bee-blessed don’t save the world from the Filth? Funcom is apparently showing that possibility come November 14th. A new portal is opening in Agartha, but it won’t lead players to a where — it goes to a when. And it doesn’t look like a very pleasant when.

Players noticed odd wikipedia links in the daily log in window yesterday, reporting sightings of bioluminescent fungus species and tarot links. And today, I caught one that heads to future history. All this led up to the twitter teases and announcement of Dark Agartha, a possible post-apocalyptic future where the Filth appears to have taken over the world tree. What will players find there? For now, we get to know very little. Catch a glimpse in the video below, and we’ll share more info as it becomes available.

Source: Twitter, official site. Thanks for the tips Nordavind and Sophiskiai!
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Rolan Storm

They kept their promise. Huh.

Bruno Brito

Sadly, the issue with SWL that i have is not really just a content issue, is a core issue with character building and lack of pvp.

And after AoC saga server bs, i’m not playing anything FC related until i see a severe 180.


Financial are released on 5th November, which is Monday. Last financial stated that no new content was planned for Swl other than “repeatable event based content”, I presume this is part of that repeatable content that uses existing assets and requires no significant investment.

Anyone who believes there will be any content that contains new assets is wrong. There will be no new story, no new zones.

The people who made TSW what it was, all the good it had, they are long gone from either Funcom or the Swl team.

This is maintenance mode of the same ilk as AoC and AO. If you’re okay with that then please enjoy, but I feel anyone who has ever spent money on the game deserves to know the truth.

If you don’t believe me then wait and read the financials on the 5th.

Malcolm Swoboda

Last financial was accurate for its time. There were events, with aspects of one staying as a scenario mode.


Hopefully the shopping mall has been destroyed.

Malcolm Swoboda

For context from the roadmap that was supposed to end early 2018:

  • Kaidan zone Lair – Check
  • Agent system – Check
  • Continue main story – Check (New Dawn zone, though arguably not completed)
  • ‘Dark Agartha’ – Coming Soon (previously thought to have been dropped)

So in late 2018 they’ll be where expected to be in early 2018. That’s disappointing, but also personally to me, encouraging. That’s still faster than TSW had been in years. They also managed to do some other things, like a refashioned Guardians of Gaia event, and the Druids of Avalon event and new scenario. However, this sacrificed things. To date, what content is missing:

  • a bunch of original elite dungeons
  • a couple of Kaidan dungeons
  • some of Kaidan, in a sense (missions that never came to happen in TSW either)
  • a couple of lesser-featured raids
  • some aspects of the faction missions, though this is up to you
  • years of both the Samhain and Winter events, and 2018 Samhain did not catch up
  • PvP almost entirely

So what would I consider a successful enough 2019?

  • new zone releases, to at least some good extent (we know the location)
  • attempts to fill out Kaidan/New Dawn more, filler patches?
  • at least one attempt at a new weapon, adapt from aux weapons?
  • return of all dungeons
  • at least more raiding than before; ideally a new one that has some new story
  • essentially any missing mission is back, and at least 2 years’ worth of holiday missions back to at least mostly catch up (KEY: AT LEAST)
  • at least do some trying out of PvP with this new combat; otherwise the achievements are pointless

Essentially if they can continue to move the story forward but restore at least nearly all remaining missing content, I’m still in this ride. Infrequently. But they they may get more $10s out of me yet, and keep the engine going for whales.

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Tobasco da Gama

So in late 2018 they’ll be where expected to be in early 2018. That’s disappointing, but also personally to me, encouraging. That’s still faster than TSW had been in years.

Yeah, sad but true. SWL’s updates are blazingly fast compared to what TSW had been getting.

Malcolm Swoboda

Unlike many of the Massively commenters (I can’t recall particulars), even through this 2018 I thought SWL got a better (as in more workable) vision happening, one that they were achieving to a fine extent.

I’m not really praising Funcom here. I just think that they have a regular and somewhat healthy development going on, and perhaps there’s some ‘hope’ that Secret World has entered it’s ‘low but sustained development for a low but dedicated population’ phase, and SWL has encouraged more player churn aka enticing some more fresh whales than before in TSW.

Honestly, personally, if SWL has 2-3 nice story additions per year, ranging from some feature that has lore and scenes, to a new zone (to whatever size and extent of content), I’m in. 2018 barely qualifies, but if this Dark Agartha has some story along with its likely more PvE-grindyness, it still qualifies.

Doesn’t mean SWL will be a standout title in future Funcom financials, but if it can be a nice basic contributor, it shouldn’t be abandoned for some time. Though a small part of me still crosses fingers for a growing reputation over the longer term, enough to fund another (nicer) overhaul to something like mid-2010s standards, and perhaps enough to release for consoles. But that’s crazzzyyyyy.

EDIT: I do hope Dark Agartha is more of a mini-zone of sorts than an ‘instance’ (group or solo), one they could safely enough make with asset reuse/edits of Agartha. It’d be cool to use New Dawn as a daily ‘comfort’ place (at least until they add difficulty/IP modes?), but then venture to Dark Agartha for challenges and getting scared of venturing too far again like Kaidan release.

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Actual new content?! As long as there’s something for me to play as a solo player and it doesn’t require me to grind the shit outta gear like the re-introduced faction quests I’m game as hell.

But given the rollout of the past few updates (South Africa and the return of the faction missions) I’m tempering my expectations. But I still hope it’ll be good.

Malcolm Swoboda

The faction missions now, like it or not (and I totally understand ‘not’) seem to be seeds for longer term progression for casuals. As in, you rejoin later, progress through South Africa in ‘full’ (not released yet, looking at the Agartha branches) then maybe you’ll have the IP for the start of faction missions, etc. Part of their whole content recycling/adjusting. Grind players can do some/all of the missions, but casuals will be gated. I understand this kinda sucking – personally I can only finish the first mission and access the second. But at least the system is a better(?) base for the bigger apex(?) ranks and their prestige rewards down the line(? lol).

I liked New Dawn though it had clunky aspects, it actually felt too easy compared to even the nerfed Kaidan, and I wish there was some more to it. It’s still a nice enough place to hang/grind through that I’m a good part way through the zone vendor rewards and silly points achievement.


So is this a new dungeon, Lair, or a questing Zone?

Malcolm Swoboda

My current guess is a lower level of story (but still some) to act as bridge to the next zone and including particularly challenging missions with different mode selection as they’ve been trying out lately.

AKA solo PvE story and endgame content.


Sounds cool! I can’t remember where I am in the story of this game, I think pretty far, but I need to finish it now so I can check this out. I have a feeling that’s going to take a while, especially since I’ve been focusing on FFXIV. Arghhh why can’t they release this in a few months when I need a break…

Malcolm Swoboda

It goes Solomon Island –> Egypt –> Transylvania –> Kaidan –> South Africa, and this looks like it may be an interlude between South Africa and another, or internal SA related content. Or not.

It shouldn’t be bad to do this Dec-Jan anyway.. it’ll get hotfixes and only other known action for SWL is the winter holiday event..