Blade & Soul is already rolling on to its Thanksgiving events


While some western gamers might still be grumpy over the delay of Blade & Soul’s class specialization update – which is not hitting in December as originally planned, leading our own commenters to use the word “gutted” to describe it – but there is still some content and events on the way before the end of the year. In fact, the rollout includes the Golden Harvest Festival, which kicks off a week from today.

“It’s time to come together and gather round for a massive feast to celebrate a fruitful harvest and friendship!” says NCsoft. “The annual Golden Harvest Festival returns to the Earthen Realm with a cornucopia of rewards and bountiful feasting on November 7” – that’s through December 5th. Players will be charging through daily challenges for chests for tokens, crafting Thanksgivingy items for the crafting guilds, and working toward the Stomach of Iron achievement (in-game, not in real life).


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Gutted I tell ya! Lol!

Ah, well. We will see how it goes. At least the outfits for the Harvest event look much better than last years. Last year it was as if someone threw up a 1970s zoot suit.

And as events go, Harvest is a pretty good one. The more alts, the better as you have to craft different items for a Thanksgiving feast. I got the Iron Stomach cheevie last year, but I could use it on my Warden too.


I would use it on my Lyn Warden if I was allowed too. :(