Bless Online is making some enhancement changes with its next patch

Oh my.

Is it too difficult to enhance items in Bless Online? The game’s next planned patch on November 7th should make it a fair bit easier, even if you didn’t think it was bad before. For one thing, all existing materials which were used for levels 11-15 or 1-10 can now be used for any level; what will change is that you’ll have better success chances with higher-quality materials, preserving their utility while still letting you roll the dice with worse materials.

There’s also a new universal item to prevent a decrease in durability regardless of item level and the removal of Condensed Magic Stones as an Enhancement material. From now on, Condensed Magic Stones will be used for crafting and only crafting, while other items are used for enhancement. Check out the full breakdown in the official announcement if you’re curious about how enhancement is going to be… enhanced? Improved? Let’s just go with changed.

Source: Steam

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How about they Enhance the optimization instead.


They have an enhanced uninstall button thanks to steam.