Here’s how The Elder Scrolls Online’s new home-building tools work

Better homes and/or gardens
Decorating houses in MMOs is serious business. It’s extremely serious business. The Elder Scrolls Online knows this, which is why the recently released update 20 includes two features certain to make dedicated designers very happy, starting with the option to correct your mistakes or make them again at light speed. Yes, it’s an undo function and a redo command, so you can move a table, then immediately flip it back and forth between positions to decide which way looks better. Spend hours agonizing over this!

“The new undo and redo function allows you to instantly revert or restore a change you’ve made while furnishing your home. While home decorating, you can now undo and redo up to 200 steps back during a single session, meaning you can rewind your work back to almost any previous state. The undo function will even return furnishings to your inventory for you.”

The update also features the ability to link decorations to a single “parent” piece, so when you move one item all of the other items move at the same time. This is useful for, say, elaborate furniture setups that you want to be able to relocate at a moment’s notice.

“With the new linking function, you can link groups of items together in order to shift around an entire scene. Previously, when moving a scene, you had to move each individual item one-by-one, but now, you can select a ‘parent’ item and link it to up to 50 ‘child’ items, allowing you to move all of them at once. You can even select those ‘children’ and link more objects to them, making sub-groups for ease of editing. When hovering over an item, you can select the Link option to choose which items to pair together. When you move that first item, everything else will come with it, however, you can still tinker with the individual ‘child’ items and move them around as much as you like without upsetting the entire scene.”

Check out the dev blog on the new housing bits over on the official site.

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Dean Greenhoe

If only players could actually “earn” a home and gather the resources to build it. I dislike having to buy a decent size home. Just let me work for it.

Note: The closet they give you for free is not a home.


That’s pretty swell, I recall wildstar offered both features and clustering bits together was one of the key tools behind the most outrageous compositions

ESO’s housing isn’t just as ambitious but it’s a nice thing to have none the less