BlizzCon 2018: Get yourself ready with BlizzCon Bingo

Everyone wants to feel like a hero. Sometimes there's not a hero moment.

Yes, it’s time for another BlizzCon, and as always that means a lot of panels, a lot of nonsense, and… well, let’s face it, a lot of repetition. Sure, every year is a little bit different, but you always have the same basic crop of things, don’t you? You can expect to see certain things on the regular, to the point that it’s almost a joke about how you can make a drinking game out of it.

We, however, did not make a drinking game. We made a Bingo card.

Of course, there’s no prize for checking off a full line other than the satisfaction of knowing that it’s a tale as old as time when StarCraft II is roundly forgotten and everyone pretends there’s nothing wrong with wasting 85% of the panel time World of Warcraft gets. So feel free to print out your own copy and follow along, or just enjoy a little snicker. (Click the image for full-size.) We’ll be liveblogging starting at 2 p.m. EDT!

B-I-non-governmental organization!

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…I don’t play bingo though. :(


As Ms. Sylvanas would say, “Never!” :)

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Make the entire card eSports.


We, however, did not make a drinking game. We made a Bingo card.

Because we are family friendly here and if there’s snark to be had, we shall let the wee ones join in and learn what manner of parents the great RNG Wheel assigned to them as early as possible! <3

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No “Elf Butts” spot on the card? :P

Really sounds like the MOP morale is not very high overall for this event. Wouldn’t blame ya, nothing I have read so far seems to be exciting overall.