MapleStory 2 tweaks Chaos Raid weapon triggers and bans a ‘huge’ number of bots

This is very rewarding.

MapleStory 2 isn’t resting on its laurels since its big launch last month – Nexon is continuing work tweaking the game to suit the western playerbase. One such tweak was intended to be the launch of Chaos Raids, 10-man time-limited dungeons for endgamers, but as it turns out, the implementation caused a weapons conflict.

“After a thorough review of the community feedback, we realized that the previous design of Hard Adventure Dungeons and the new Chaos Raids wouldn’t mix well, especially because of the specific weapons optimized for each of the different raids,” Nexon says today. “Our intention for optimized weapons for raids was to give players the freedom of choice, it was never our intention to require players to grind through every hard adventure dungeon to be well equipped for all Chaos Raids.” Consequently, the company says, it’s making sure that all three raids will properly trigger all three weapon types to avoid making players farm to excess.

Meanwhile, the head of Nexon America, Jungsoo Lee, Tweeted last night that the team’s been busy busting bots – a “huge” number of them.