Ascent Infinite Realm teases player housing and floating islands


Last month, Ascent Infinite Realm — the in-development steampunky MMORPG from Bluehole and Kakao Gamesbroke its long Twitter silence to share some new images from the game and tease the game’s PvP arena features. Recently, the devs took to Twitter again, this time to share a few tidbits about the game’s housing system.

According to the tweets, “There are individual housing areas located throughout the Harth region and ascendants can move into an empty house after spending some gold.” From this it seems safe to assume that the game’s housing will be non-instanced, and availability will be on a first-come, first-serve basis. The housing area in Harth is “conveniently located with easy access to Hunting Zones,” and homeowners will of course be able to decorate their residences and invite friends to visit them.

Source: Twitter
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Now you know where the housing system they were originally going to make for Tera was shifted to. The whole floating island thing is also just a much bigger version of the floating sky castles they had for guilds in an older patch as well as the floating city of Asperon in their subsidiary previously known as Bluehole Ginno’s (now PUBG Corporation) now dead game, Devilian.

The aerial FPS lag is going to be funny since Bluehole and Optimization are oxymorons.


Sweet . I’m sure they will make sure there is room for everyone…

Toy Clown

I’m not a fan of non-instanced housing. That type of system is harsh on gamers with inflexible schedules.

Well, let me reiterate: I do enjoy non-instanced housing as part of a living, breathing world, but I dislike how only some players get houses. I’d love to see an idea of possibly having apartments that are instanced, with housing non-instanced. That way everyone gets housing.

Something I’m keeping an eye out for as it will make or break whether I try out the game or not. I’m getting to a point where I don’t want to waste my time on MMOs that lack features I enjoy, especially with how many cookie-cutter MMOs there are out there.


Unreal 3 and two of the worst companies in the gaming industry so what could go wrong?