Golf MMO Winning Putt is closing down for good in December


Another bummer announcement for MMO players, or at least for MMO players who also like golf: Winning Putt is sunsetting on December 14th. Webzen and Bandai Namco made the announcement on the game’s Steam site.

“After numerous talks with all the teams involved with Winning Putt, it’s with a heavy heart that I’m here to announce Winning Putt will be closing its doors on December 14th of this year. It’s never easy to announce the closure of a game and it stings even more when it’s one that you’ve had the pleasure to be a part of. To keep things short, I just want to thank everyone for their continued support throughout the years and it was truly you, the community, who made the game as great as it was.”

No explanation for the closure is given, but a quick peek at the game’s tiny concurrency on Steam Charts provides a big clue.

The studios have turned off the ability to purchase the game’s currency and opened refund requests back into October. Moreover, they’re handing out winter seasonal items early (including a founder pack), boosted experience, and reduced cash shop prices “drastically” to ensure a fun time for the next month and change.

Our sympathies go out to all the devs and players affected by the sunset.

Source: Steam. With thanks to ThreeSpeed.
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