Hearthstone hands out free card packs to celebrate 100 million users

Hearthstone’s BlizzCon presence was pretty middle-of-the-road: Blizzard managed not to outright offend anyone, at least, even if some players are a bit grumpy about the cadence. The whole presentation might’ve had more spunk if Blizzard had been able to drop this 100M users announcement, anyhoo.

“A little over five years ago,a few Blizzard Entertainment developers were toiling away on a small passion project: Hearthstone, a free-to-play digital collectible card game at a time when such games were not front of mind for most. They based the game on the company’s Warcraft universe and polished every aspect—from the flash of the animations to the bombastic voice lines of the heroes—and launched it to critical acclaim globally in 2014. Today Blizzard announced that Hearthstone has hit the 100-million-player mark.”

Here’s your action item: Blizz is celebrating with the “100 Million Players Celebration event” – log in between November 7th and 11th to pick up a set of six free card packs from The Boomsday Project. You can also take on the “Celebrate the Players” quests to squirrel away “up to 500 gold” to spend on more packs.


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I marvel at the success of this card game every time I read something about it

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It’s addicting. And I have never played any other card game online or even in real life (like D&D).

I have to just stop playing every so often though. My mind wants to constantly think about cards and decks and matchups. And I only have so many of those to work with, as I am a free-to-play player. Never spent a dime on it.