XL Games and Gamigo say ArcheAge’s ‘core production team’ is rolling out Relics of Hiram November 13

Less of this and more lantern-y.

The fate of ArcheAge in the west has been up in the air for two weeks now following the collapse of Trion Worlds and the sale of all of its games to Gamigo. ArcheAge raised particular concerns because Trion was merely its western publisher, which made players wonder whether the Korean owners at XL Games would cooperate with Gamigo and whether ArcheAge would continue.

Last week’s missive from Jake Song seemed to imply that it would; indeed, he specifically said XL would take the opportunity to “revitalize” and “restore” and “stabilize” the game in its new home. Gamigo and XL put out a fuller statement just ahead of the weekend: It reiterates the goal of “stabilizing” the game as “the team continues to transfer all previous game functions provided by Trion Worlds to the Gamigo infrastructure.” The 5.0 Relics of Hiram update, which was intended to go live the same week Trion imploded, is apparently now on the PTS with a new release date of November 13th, although the Halloween events have been canceled.

Notably, XL says that “the core ArcheAge production team remains in place under Gamigo including Khrolan, Socke, Applegod, Tinen, and even Clownie.” And as for compensation?

“The team is planning to deliver a new variation of the Homecoming Warrior Package to all accounts at the release of the 5.0 update. The other 3 compensation packages intended to be delivered as a result of the recent Legacy Server Evolutions will also be granted after the update occurs on November 13th. A full list of contents for each pack can be found in the PTS update notes.”


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