Albion Online’s Nimue update launches November 21

There! A thing!

The Lady of the Lake is coming to Albion Online this month: Nimue launches on November 21st, mostly notably with its new 5v5 guild-vs.-guild mode dubbed Crystal Realm Battles and its party finder tool, “which allows single players and guilds alike to create and join groups to take part in numerous activities throughout the open world.”

Of course, there’s a bit more to it. “Nimue will bring numerous Quality-of-Life changes long requested by our community, including the ability to change and preview guild logos and place crops and furniture via cursor,” Sandbox Interactive says. “Albion’s open world also gains new depth with Mob Faction capes, Guardian Aspects, and the ability to mark enemies and view party members’ roles. It’s all rounded out with improvements to Faction Outposts and the Arena, improved NPCs and town buildings, and numerous bug fixes and combat balance improvements.”

Check out the PvP sandbox’s latest dev update for the whole backstory!

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Danny Smith

So is the game in trouble? i tried it a while back and it just felt like eves skill system lifted wholesale into a gankbox that played like a moba character in a bad torchlight 2 mod. But lated a bunch of sites i visit like mmochampion are getting spammed by hyper toxic burner accounts spamming recruit a friend codes like its going out of style -or the game might not have long left- so did it end up as some ‘this group of whales rules the roost forever’ like people feared or something?