Fallout 76 still has lots of fun hacks that are being tracked down


What do you get when you combine a company legendary for its ability to release buggy or unpolished games and an online game with a public beta jutting right up against the launch date? You can answer “good times” or “Fallout 76” as your snarky heart desires, they’re both right. Users on Reddit have compiled a list of some major issues, which include things like the ability to constantly ignore damage and the ability to yoink another player’s IP address. You know, fun stuff.

Obviously, Bethesda has indicated that all of these issues are being worked on, although it remains to be seen how much work will actually be done by the time the game is scheduled to go live for everyone. And remember, that speedhack will be gone! Many of these issues will only be issues on the PC, at least, which is sort of a blessing in disguise with the lack of crossplay, in much the same way that learning the only contaminated beef is being shipped to your part of the country. So this is a problem, especially as the lack of a wipe at launch means that the real punishment may well be a stern warning to not do that again.


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Dug From The Earth

The speed hack is gone because they are removing the ability to adjust your framerate.

Its locked to 63 fps.

This is BAD for pc gamers with monitors that are 120 or 144mhz because it will result in screen tearing. (when the framerate is lower than the refresh rate of the screen)

Its a horrible solution to a problem that should have NEVER existed in the first place. Bethesda programmers are hacks at best. Why they have been allowed to continue to make so much money on their games without doing a better job actually making them, is beyond me.


As much as I’d look forward to this game, it really seems like it’s just going to be a complete hot mess.
Thank you Bethesda, for keeping me from getting high expectations. It’s so much easier.


It’s funny when what is described as a speedhack isn’t a hack at all, but a bug :p


Fallout 76 is such a divisive game with folks just because it’s not a singleplayer RPG, similar to how folks hated on ESO.

For me the 2 hour test felt too short and was over before I knew it. For me I personally love the exploration aspect and could see myself playing it for a good while, issues aside.

Hopefully they’ll actually fix up everything and add features for the PC version that are badly needed (i.e. text chat, push to talk for voice…).


ESO had many other problems at launch aside from the fact that it was a multiplayer game in ES universe. I’m concerned that F76 might also be plagued by a lot more problems other than the apparent ones.

Dug From The Earth

Fallout 3, NV and 4 provided me with several forms of enjoyment.

One of those forms was the “Hmm, I wonder whats over here, let me go explore… ooooooh… an abandoned super market…. Wonder whats inside…. OH $!@%! a bunch of super mutants! ahhh!!” aspect.

The thing is for me, that aspect only existed because of the other surrounding aspects of the game. The thing that got me to the place in the game to say, “i wonder whats over there” was the games story. The thing that made me care about the games story, were the games NPC’s. The thing that made me care about all of it, was my characters place in it all.

76 ONLY has that “I wonder whats over there” element. All the others are either completely missing, or in the game as much as a cardboard cut out of Lucy Lawless would be at a Xena convention.

There are no NPCS, there isnt any real main story, your character has no roll in anything other than “survive in this world”. Thats just too many key elements that are missing for the game to feel whole.


I guess it’s a matter of opinion. For me Bethesda NPCs etc. have been pretty garbage in the past. New Vegas would be an exception because it was developed by Obsidian with Chris Avellone. The only memorable ones are those who are turned into memes, often because of how ridiculous they are.

For me I actually like that there’s less handholding. There are still breadcrumbs and other things (supply drops, workbenches, events, etc.) that will pull your attention to different areas, but it’s much more sandboxy in nature. The lack of human NPCs in areas (for now?) helps to set the atmosphere and makes sense with how recently the nukes had been dropped prior to 76 opening.

In Fallout/Skyrim/etc. though I was always the type who would usually just ignore storylines/etc. because too many quests would lead to missing all the little bits and bobs out there due to being focused more on quest objectives and being led around by NPCs that you have to follow.

Dug From The Earth

There is less hand holding because there is no direction at all.

You only need to hold someones hand if there is a path that needs to be followed/walked.

Its as I said… its 100% that “Ooooh.. whats over here, im gonna go explore it” aspect of every fallout game to date… but thats all it is.

For some, thats enough, they dont want or need more than that. Maybe they didnt play older fallout games so they dont know what they are missing? Who knows.

Alex Js.
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Alex Js.

Just FYI, the original post on Reddit was mostly about some unproven assumptions ;-) So far no one has shown that any of these can actually work. Not even on forums dedicated to multiplayer cheats (there is a working radar for FO76 that can show positions of other players and enemies but this is possible for any multiplayer game).

Also, there is another post discussing the network encryption in this game:

Fallout 76 uses TLS to encrypt data. from fo76

Currently no one has been able to see other people’s IP addresses in network data.