Gamigo finally confirms that Trove development will continue after Trion’s firesale


ArcheAge players can breathe a little easier now that they know XL Games is committed to working with Gamigo on keeping the game in the west and even building onto the experience. But what about Trion’s other games? They’re not all getting the same level of information flow in the wake of Trion’s implosion.

For example, Atlas Reactor hasn’t seen any tweets since mid-October, the cancellation of the Extra Life stream. No devs or Trion/Gamigo reps have posted on the forum since the general announcement on October 26th. Defiance 2050 and RIFT, on the other hand, have seen a mix of livestreams and maintenance updates, but nothing else official on the website or forums as I type this.

Maybe not surprisingly, given the general assessment that it was actually one of Trion’s best-performers, Trove saw a letter from the devs today. The team apologizes for the long delay in communication but confirms work on the game will continue thanks to Gamigo.

“This whole process has moved very quickly but there is still more work to do. Geode phase 2 is being finalized and we hope to have info on when that will release and what it will contain in the near future. We wanted to specifically call out that Uber 10 and the new surface biome on Geode are core components of the update. […] Our immediate focus is to deliver Geode Phase 2 this year and will have more info to share on future updates after we’ve rolled out this important update.”

The devs characterize the new smaller team as an “opportunity to create a more agile development structure,” which is, uh, a bit of a hard sell. They also note they’ll “decouple” PC and console versions of the game; PC players will get updates first, with consoles getting their updates afterward.

Source: Trove

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“The devs characterize the new smaller team as an “opportunity to create a more agile development structure,”

Uh yeah, right… *rolls eyes*

Nathan Aldana

“More agile development structure”

read: we’ll overwork 3 interns half to death for low pay.

Lucky Jinx

If someone told me not too long ago that Funcom would be doing pretty well now and Trion will perish I would’ve laughed my ass off. I’m glad Funcom made it, but I’m not laughing. I like Rift, even in its current state, so this really do suck.

Danny Smith

Its the only thing that prints money for them so no shit.

No when do they take Defiance and Rift out behind the tool shed to give them the EA treatment?


I imagine Rift is still making them money because there’s certainly a diehard audience built around it. Defiance though… that’s pretty much been a shambling zombie since it launched.


One of the reasons it continues to do well is the non stop ongoing development though. If I was them I would have kept the full team working on it. There are far less people working on it, so even though development will continue, what speed or quality that development will take is still to be seen.

Kickstarter Donor

It’s like we’re all just sitting in the waiting room to see who makes it through the surgery alive and well, who made it through and is a vegetable that will sit around slowly withering, and who didn’t survive the surgery.

: (