Guild Wars 2 is overhauling runes and sigils and making them salvageable in next week’s patch

This must be a definition of the word instant I was not previously acquainted with.
If you’re one of those weirdos who loves having an inventory overflowing with crap (hi MJ!), then I’m sorry to report that ArenaNet is reducing your fun in Guild Wars 2 by making runes and sigils themselves salvageable and reducing your crap. For everyone else, break out the champagne because this is happening, wooooo.

“When runes and sigils are salvaged, they’ll yield a new material called a lucent mote. You’ll also have a chance to salvage rarer materials: symbols from sigils, and charms from runes. Lucent motes can be refined by all crafting disciplines and—along with symbols and charms—used in recipes to create sigils and runes. The chance to extract runes and sigils from a salvaged item using a salvaging kit will change to a chance to salvage runes and sigils. You’ll still be able to obtain runes and sigils directly through new Mystic Forge recipes that make use of the salvaged materials.”

If you’re currently thinking to yourself, “Hey, isn’t this gonna mess with the prices of runes?” Reddit is way ahead of ya! But worth pointing out is that ArenaNet is revamping runes and sigils at the same time, with an eye toward ditching some of the unused or useless benefits, so definitely check out the list and then get ready for the release on the 13th.

PvPers, a bone for you today too: PvP League season 14 also kicks off on November 13th and runs through January 7th.

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