Worlds Adrift posts Stairway to Haven tutorial video, opens community council nominations


There’s a lady who’s sure all that glitters is yours, and she’s ganking you now on your sky ship.¬†Hey don’t look at me. It’s right there in the Stairway to Haven video title, and now it’s an earworm in your head too. Haven, of course, is Worlds Adrift’s newish tutorial zone, and the tutorial zone apparently needed its own tutorial video to explain how it works. Tutorialception.

In its weekly update, Bossa Studios also notes that it’s been hard at work on the crafting customization system, ship paint, cannon damage, new recipes, VOIP fixes, and “post-Haven tutorial stuff.”¬†Moreover, the studio is aiming to select an all-new group of players for the community council, the “focus group helping [Bossa] get concise feedback across the board as [it] make[s] decisions in development and represent community sentiment.” Applications and nominations are due in by November 16th for this round, and since voting platforms online generally suck, the studio says it will screen candidates and draw the final 10 from that pool at random on-stream. Which actually sounds like a surprisingly good way of handling this so it’s not an obviously biased popularity contest – you listening, CCP Games?