Black Desert launches lead-up event for next week’s Drieghan’s expansion


Black Desert’s Drieghan expansion launches one week from today, so you might have thought this week’s patch would be nothing at all – but it’s not nothing. In fact, Kakao is cranking up the event machine.

The first event is Rulupee’s Recruiting event, and it leads into the expansion itself. “Drieghan is preparing to open its roads up to adventurers, and Rulupee is already getting ready,” the studio says. “She is recruiting for an expedition to explore this brand new region.” Players level 50 and up will pick up the A New Adventure quest and snag some ratty flags, which you’ll be taking into the new zone.

Kakao is likewise moving on to the next part of its “Festival of Millions,” which is handing out a new title to players (over the next 30 days) and adding three new gold-making event challenges. Aaaaaaand there’s a double boss-drop event running right now too.

The rest of the patch is mostly guild tweaks and bug fixes, but players should take a peek at Kakao’s client authentication system plans, which also go into effect today, amid much controversy.

Source: Patch notes
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Colin Goodwin

Oof, I’ve been out of the BDO loop lately…but wow reading through the forums and reddit….when did everyone hit this new level of pissed at BDO? O.o

Toy Clown

The lead-up event to Drieghan was a bit lackluster? You visit an NPC to get a quest that you can’t complete until Drieghan is released, which involves going to 3 places. I was hoping for something a little more epic.

I don’t mess with the events much anymore. I’ve finally gotten the game to a point I don’t have to pay for a value pack, nor be logged in 24/7, and I don’t really need gear anymore. I do like the freedom of that.


gives you stuff… so you can gamble


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