Blizzard talks up ‘meaningful choices’ in World of Warcraft’s story

What the snafu.

Did you still have any hopes about the story of World of Warcraft in this expansion? Did you think the writers would somehow pull out an amazing last-minute twist that somehow addresses all of the plot inconsistencies and feels satisfying? Yeah, that was never likely, but it’s even less likely in light of the most recent interview over on Polygon, in which lead producer Ray Cobo and senior concept artist Jimmy Lo all but outright state that Sylvanas will no longer be Warchief and players will always be the good guys.

While talking up meaningful choices being made by players, for some reason.

The emphasis is put on understanding the reasons behind the choices, but a great deal of time is spent explaining how players will need to choose a side while also acknowledging that the Horde cannot be actively evil as it is under Sylvanas. It’s kind of baffling. Then again, this is also an interview claiming that the current Horde leadership is full of new characters when the two characters mentioned (Saurfang and Sylvanas) have been in the game since launch. So… yeah.

Source: Polygon; thanks to Serrenity for the tip!
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