Crowfall shows off its new and improved lobby screen


Ah, the noble lobby! The place where you wait for something interesting to happen! Who doesn’t love the lobby? The answer is probably just about everyone, but the lobby persists, and Crowfall has an improved lobby now to make sitting and waiting even more entertaining!

Well, perhaps not entertaining. Again, it’s a lobby. But it is more functional, and it includes the functionality of letting you designate your stock characters right out of the gate while clearly navigating between your Eternal Kingdom and the individual campaign worlds you’re currently involved with.

Players will also notice more direct access to the skill tree and the shop, allowing you to quickly take care of things happening outside of the campaigns or the Eternal Kingdom at a glance. It’s not a question of overall game design, but it should make your experience of struggling against grand forces in Crowfall that much more compelling as you hop from world to world.

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Will this game ever launch?

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Its been a little over 3 years of development. MMORPGs take anywhere from about 4-6 years of development time. CF is going at a pretty good pace.