Osiris New Dawn says an update is coming, though some employees have apparently been sacked


I’m gonna be honest, I had mostly forgotten about early access survival sandbox Osiris New Dawn until Fenix Fire blasted out some ominous messages across social media last night, but it’s apparently working on an update to the game and has let go some employees that it apparently blames for communication issues.

“Hey guys, the team here at Fenix Fire have been reading through your comments and emails, and would like for you to know that we do take any and all concerns seriously, and into consideration regarding what has been going on with our game and also regarding communications toward all of you,” the team wrote on Faceobook and Twitter. “We had some misfortunes within our company about the same issues, and the employees that had been responsible for certain areas between the game development and communications are no longer with us. We do apologize for any inconveniences, and thank you for your patience.”

The game’s Steam page is loaded with negative reviews, partly because of the lack of communication on that platform in the last few months, but Fenix Fire assures fans that “new content will be coming your way, very soon” and apologizes for the lapse.

MOP’s The Survivalist column took a look at Osiris back in August.

Source: Twitter

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I played this solo when it first launched and had a good time. Later, I played it co-op with a buddy and we also had a good time.

Whether you play it solo (as a single-player experience) or with a friend, or with the public, it was clear that the game was still in early-access and needed more of most things added.

The problem, as your article suggests, is not that the game was in early-access as such, but that communication on the state of the game suddenly dropped to nothing, and stayed that way for a relatively long time. Was the game progressing? Was it dead? No one seemed to know for sure.

So, I think Osiris: New Dawn could still be a fun game (even after the release of No Man’s Sky multiplayer) as OND is more of a “frontier colony” game, than an “explore the galaxy” game — but it all hinges on whether the game is actually progressing, and whether the developers can keep lines of communication (and signs of life) active this time.

My opinions, anyway


Survival games….whoo hoo! Coming soon with a BR mode for sure.