DC Universe Online launches Atlantis today


Come under the sea with DC Universe Online today! There’ll be no accusations, just friendly crustaceans. Or… wait, let’s double-check the patch notes… never mind, there are actually lots of accusations centered around Corum Rath trying to forcibly take the throne of Atlantis. So players will be tasked with stopping him, and the only way to do so is through polite and reasoned debate in which the merits of his coup are thoroughly dissected.

It’s all abstracted through punching, of course.

Atlantis contains two new raids, a new alert, and new open-world content for players to explore, so you’ll have plenty to explore while you’re under the sea and trying to make more jokes about not liking Aquaman. (Everyone does, it’s fine.) Check out the full patch notes to prepare for your aquatic adventure in Atlantis, where you’ll be earning plenty of Rath Crowns! He probably should have waited to actually take the throne before printing those in bulk, really. Just don’t expect to be playing it any time soon, even if you’re home; there’s a lengthy downtime expected for the patch.

It’s live!

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Is there a min level req to access it?
And is it live on all platforms or just PC?