Smilegate MMORPG Lost Ark finally, finally starts Korean beta testing


You know that we’ve been anticipating, slavering, and hoping for Lost Ark for so long that when the Korean beta kicks off, it’s a cause for major celebration. This fantastic-looking MMOARPG with 12 playable classes has been one of our most-wanted titles for years, and now we’re finally seeing progress toward a western release.

The Korean beta test began yesterday and reportedly saw login queues as high as 17,000. There was no wipe from closed beta testing and players were free from an NDA. Testers reported mixed findings, with some praising the game’s look and fun factor while others saying that it was nothing more or less than you’d find in Diablo III.

With disgruntled Diablo fans looking for their next ARPG hit, Lost Ark may benefit from the BlizzCon fallout. English localization is supposed to come with the next patch, which will make it much easier for westerners to get into the beta.

In a statement, Smilegate CEO Won Gil Ji was unapologetic about the game’s focus: “Just as the slogan of Lost Ark goes — ‘MMORPG again’ — we hope all gamers will experience the fun of a true online MMORPG with Lost Ark. We send our sincere gratitude to the players who have been with us for this meaningful journey, and we’ll continue to provide the utmost service through constant communication.”

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Going now into Beta in South Korea, adding at least a year before it comes to the west. So… I wouldn’t expect before the end of 2019, I’d be pleasantly surprised if it comes earlier(if at all?). It looks very interesting.


Agreed. They are a long way away from release in the west.


So, yeah. I’ve been keeping my eye on this one because of its potential.

First, it is refreshing for a game to label itself an MMORPG with pride. The CEO doesn’t just say this off the cuff. It is a feature they are proud of as you will see in the Beta trailer they released recently. “For RPG Fans” they proudly state, and if this trailer is anywhere near accurate, I believe them.

Oh, and for those that think or say this is D III? Hah! Bite me. (too toxic? sorry haven’t had my coffee yet.)

Watch this and you will see what I mean. It’s a little long, a little melodramatic, but what they show seems to prove that they are who and what they say they are.


The game looks absolutely phenomenal. If BFV was t coming out Friday, I’d almost certainly be playing the Korean version due to the lack of quality ARPGs here in the US. Diablo is going to be riding the coat tails of Lost Ark, Project TL, and the new Torchlight game by the time we even hear about it.


Been watching a couple of streamers and the game looks great. Definitely hopeful for a western release.

Daniel Miller

Westerners wont get in to the beta unless most buy sn illigal korean id. English patch may help when game goes global.