MapleStory 2’s Chaos Rising update brings Chaos Raids and Thanksgiving events


Starting today, MapleStory 2 players can celebrate the arrival of November with the two things that truly define the month: turkey and unmitigated chaos. The folks at Nexon have released the game’s Chaos Rising update, which brings with it a bunch of new content — including new Chaos Raids and Thanksgiving events — as well as a few quality-of-life improvements.

[AL:MS2]With the update, players can now take part in Chaos Raids in the Shadow Altar and Moonlight Fortress dungeons. Chaos Raids are described as “challenging, straight-to-boss 10-player dungeons with satisfying difficulty and incredible rewards.” In addition to the Chaos Raids, the update also introduces quality-of-life upgrades such as the wardrobe feature, which allows players to create and switch between gear sets, and the improved dismantle function.

Moreover, from today until December 6th, all players level 10 or higher can take part in the Turkey Terror and Maple Harvest events. The former event sees Maple World invaded by an “enormous wild turkey,” and it’s up to players to roast it (stuffing not included). Completing the event’s daily quest will earn an exclusive turkey mount. During the Maple Harvest event, meanwhile, players will be able to earn Maple Leaf coins with which they can purchase unique event items.

The devs have also made some changes to MapleStory 2’s Design Shop, which allows players to create their own cosmetic designs and sell them to other players. As has been discussed previously, the devs have had some issues with the Design Shop being flooded with low-quality and sometimes outright inappropriate designs. In order to help combat this, there is now a listing fee for design creators wishing to place their designs on the market. It will now cost 190 Merets for the first design, 290 Merets for the second, and 390 Merets for the third and beyond. The devs say that they “strongly believe that having a reasonable entrance barrier to the market will increase the quality of the content players can shop for.”

Source: Press Release, Official Site
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