Wizard101’s Empyrea story arc concludes in Empyrea Part 2 update


The conclusion of Wizard101’s ongoing Empyrea story arc is at hand, as KingsIsle Entertainment has this week released the game’s Empyrea Part 2 update, which brings an increased level cap, new gear, and of course an array of new quests. The highlight of the update is the end of the game’s Empyrea story arc, in which wizards must “embarce an ancient destiny, fight the evil schemes of Shadow, and venture to the farthest reaches of Empyrea… and beyond!” In doing so, players will work their way through a series of new quests that will help them climb to the new level cap of 130.

Each school of magic has also received a powerful, new, “tree-themed” spell, which players at level 125 or above can acquire by completing the quest “Finally Growing Into It.” And being a wizard isn’t always about learning powerful new magics and desperately vying to protect the world from wholesale destruction — sometimes, wizards just want to have fun. To that end, the update introduces the new Whirlyburly minigame, which seems to be a sort of chess-like boardgame in which players “compete to earn the most points by capturing spaces, chests, and opposing pieces.” The update also adds new housing item and equipment crafting recipes, as well as a handful of bug fixes and improvements to the game’s ambient sound and lighting. To see everything on offer in Empyrea Part 2, you can check out the full patch notes on the game’s official site.


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I wish they’d let us buy permanent henchmen to help with solo leveling so I could get to these later levels. I’m leveling a wizard on a second account to fill the role, but it is slow going.