Black Desert Online shows off the Drieghan region arriving November 14

This is the world we live in.

It’s not long now before players will get to explore the region of Drieghan in Black Desert Online in the localized version of the game (the content has already been available for Korean players). And on PCs only, lest you hope that you can get to something totally new while the game is still early in console testing. But what sort of place will it be? What will players find in this land of the dragons? Lots of things, like new quests, new awakening weapons, and a red dragon with a particular interest in player characters. You have to wait less than a week, you can make it through.

If that’s not enough to pique your interest, though, there’s also a series of screenshots showing off the landscapes and settlements of the update, as well as a trailer for same. Check it all out below, whether you can’t wait to explore the newest spaces or you just really enjoy landscape shots of a steppe.

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Wardemonxi .

I have never played a game where I was so indifferent to new zones/areas being released. Since it often results in the exact same grinding just the mobs now have a different graphic skin.
It feels more like when a moba game changes the color of the same 3 lanes you play in all the time.


If this would be a big underground playground à la Moria(or the Underdark) I would try it out just for the sightseeing. The screens seem very generic, though, and it seems the Black Desert landscape artists got a bit lazy.


Nothing to see here. We added a new male class so get your cards ready for all the inventory, weight, pets, and gear rolls


I’ve been playing SWG lately, but I’ll totally jump back in for this to explore. Looking forward to dude ranger too. Should be a week of excitement til I realize I miss SWG and go back.