EVE Online details Onslaught’s new Abyssal Deadspace content and activity tracker feature


Earlier this week, CCP Games announced that EVE Online’s winter update, Onslaught, will be going live on November 13th, bringing with it a slew of new features and quality-of-life improvements, such as the new navigational structures that the studio previewed in a separate dev blog. Now, in addition to unveiling the full Onslaught patch notes, CCP has posted two new dev blogs delving into the expansion’s new Abyssal Deadspace content and detailing the new Activity Tracker.

Capsuleers brave enough to venture into the dangerous Abyssal Deadspace will find plenty of new goodies waiting for them in Onslaught, including new co-op and PvP content. The devs seem to be quite excited about the co-op content, which will allow fleets of up to three frigates to enter Abyssal Deadspace together. The challenges that await within will be “intense and demanding, but extremely rewarding.” Meanwhile, PvP players will have new AByssal Deadspace content to pursue as well. By finding Triglavian Proving Conduits, players will be able to enter a pocket containing a Triglavian Cladistic Cache that holds valuable loot, but multiple players can enter these pockets simultaneously, and only one can walk away with the rewards. These PvP pockets will be available only to solo Cruisers at first, and “only for those doing tier 3, 4, and 5 pockets.”

And for players who want to keep track of their progress throughout their EVE Online careers, there’s the new Activity Tracker, which provides a “meaningful visualiztion of [a player’s] progress within New Eden’s universe.” As the name implies, the new interface tracks players’ activity progress across five categories: industry, exploration, resource harvesting, encounters, and combat. In addition to providing a useful way to monitor progress in the game, the Activity Tracker should also be useful for players considering a change of career, as it will give at least a general idea of what activities to pursue for advancement. For the full details on Onslaught and the myriad new features it will bring, you can check out the in-depth dev blogs, as well as the full patch notes, on the game’s official site.

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