Kritika Online patches in more danger, better weapons, and a hunt for turkey


Darn bosses took your turkey in Kritika Online! Who steals your turkey? Clearly, there’s only one way to handle this, and that’s by dispensing extraordinary amounts of violence upon the bosses who stole your turkey. You can then trade that turkey for good rewards because you’ve decided you no longer really want turkey. Happy Thanksgiving from Kritika.

Sure, that might sound a bit off-spec for celebrating the hobby, but we’ve all got the weird uncle who ruins the dinner every year. Think of it as working out your dinnertime frustrations.

Even if you’re not sufficiently engaged in tracking down your turkey and recovering it through violence, you can still enjoy the new danger zone on display in the most recent patch, the Hall of the Ghost Knight in Challenge mode. It has seven difficulty levels and has a daily entry limit of 20. There are also new Daylight weapons that serve as the most powerful weapons in the game at the moment, which make them perfect for getting back that sweet, sweet turkey.


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