Warframe’s Fortuna update is live on PC with a new zone, new activities, and totally rad hoverboards


There’s been a lot of hype in the lead-up to Warframe’s Fortuna update, including a full-blown ARG in which players were tasked with decoding clues and solving puzzles to aid the inhabitants of Fortuna against the sinister Corpus, but the wait is finally over: Digital Extremes pushed the update live on PC last night. In Fortuna, players will assist the Solaris United faction and its representatives, including The Business, with whom players became familiar over the course of the ARG, in their struggle against the Corpus and its “profit-obsessed” leader, Nef Anyo.

In addition to the city of Fortuna itself, the update also adds an all-new open-world zone, The Orb Vallis, which players will be able to navigate in style thanks to their new K-Drive hoverboards. On top of helping out Solaris United, players will also be able to play preservationist by using new skills “to lure, track, and capture” some of the area’s alien wildlife that is being driven into extinction by the money-hungry Corpus. Game Director Steve Sinclair recently took to Twitter to share some of the adorable plushies that players will be able to acquire as rewards for their conservation efforts, and you can check them out in the tweets below.

Fortuna is live now on PC, and it’ll be making its way to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One “soon.”

Press Release, Twitter, 2. Thanks, Sophiskiai and Alex!
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