The Daily Grind: Do you have authenticators for your MMO accounts?


It never seemed to me like I had any need of an authenticator for World of Warcraft… until my wife’s account got taken. It was a fairly minor thing; she was able to change the password and customer service restored everything in short order, but she and I both promptly got our authenticators as a response. From that point on an authenticator became a default purchase for any game I had planned to play for a long time. As physical ones began to be less relevant, I still have mine on a little chain.

Heck, I’ve got a Star Wars: The Old Republic authenticator, and that’s likely a game I’ll never play again. But it makes me feel better to know that I have these things, that no matter what else happens these accounts remain mine. At this point most authentication is digital and free, you get nice doodads in most games for it, and you really have nothing to lose. So do you have authenticators for your MMO accounts? Or are you still not convinced you need one?

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A Dad Supreme

I have more authenticators (6) than MMOs I’m currently subscribed to or play (0).


I use 2fa for every website that supports it.

edit: oh you mean psychical ones. no, since they cost money.

IronSalamander8 .

I had one for SWTOR but the code stopped working despite the keychain still being fully functional, so I removed it so I could still play back then. Never have had one in any other game.

Brown Jenkin

I use multi-factor authentication on most of my accounts, frankly I find them super annoying… but hey I guess they’re working.


Authenticators aren’t necessarily required but multi-factor authentication of some sort is. I’ve had my WoW account, Steam account (Russian IP address… thanks comrades!), and War Thunder account either hacked or attempted to be hacked. Seems like if you don’t use MFA then it’s not a matter of if but when you’ll get hacked.

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How many MMGs even have authenticators? I was only aware of SWTOR. I use it there, but solely because it gives free Cartel Points.

I’ve played a lot of MMGs, and I’ve never had any of my accounts hacked. I couldn’t say if that’s because I’m doing something right, or if they’re just not interested in me. I’m not exactly a high-achieving player with tons of rare loot.


I have/had them for WoW(/Battlenet in general), Rift, and SWTOR. WoW I still have my physical authenticator on my keyring, Rift/Swtor were both through mobile apps.

Originally I first got a WoW authenticator for the sole purpose of keeping my brother off my account, lol, since after we stopped living in the same house I told him he’d have to get his own account and transfer his characters over to it.

Oleg Chebeneev

I dont have retail acounts that are that valuable for auth. My Project Ascension (WoW private server) account is probably worth $2000 tho

Kevin McCaughey

We should be using fingerprint readers, not these code readers! I have a windows Hello compatible fingerprint reader and I am dismayed at the lack of integration with browsers and websites. I am sick to the back teeth of passwords and shitting my pants when I get an email telling me my password for a site (that was pwned and pretended nothing was lost) every other day. Biometrics should be standard now, none of this password and even more time consuming two factor auth ap on your phone. It sucks ass!!!

Bryan Correll

Fingerprints? Pffft. Retinal scans would be much better. Of course colon scan is the gold standard, but it would be a bit much unless you really want something secured.


Same thing happened to me. Never thought about using authenticators until my account got banned because someone in Taiwan had stolen my account and was gold selling. I was able to get my account back in a few days and immediately installed the authenticator on my phone.