Bungie contradicts Activision disappointment in Destiny 2: Forsaken


Players certainly seem to have been happy with Destiny 2: Forsaken, which many players have cited as a similar update in nature to the first game’s The Taken King. So last week’s investor call revealing that it underperformed expectations has got to leave players with a little bit of anxiety regarding the game’s future and the direction of subsequent updates. Director Luke Smith took to Twitter to assuage concerns over the weekend, assuring fans that the team behind the update is not disappointed in it at all.

Smith stresses that the game will be developed for the people who love the game moving forward, just as it has been before; tacitly, it seems like a reassurance that design plans will not be wildly changing. So if there will be any fallout from the sales reception, something mentioned on the investment call as being a disappointment, it’s at least not happening right now. Don’t forget that you can also pick up the game for free on PC until November 18th, so if you want to see if the expansion is even worth trying, you’ve got a chance.


Source: Twitter via VG24/7
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