Saga of Lucimia is in love with World of Warcraft Classic

Someone hold the lamp up.

You know who’s super-duper excited that World of Warcraft Classic is becoming a thing? A competing fantasy MMO, that’s who.

Saga of Lucimia’s dev team feels vindicated by the enthusiasm behind the upcoming WoW legacy server, saying that this shows that there is an audience out there for hardcore mechanics and group-oriented play. In last week’s developer diary, the team pretty much wrote a gushing love letter to Blizzard’s project.

“You mean games used to have a slow enough pace that you could focus on the world and the players around you?” the team said. “The simple fact that [Blizzard has] focused a significant amount of resources to develop this experience shows that yes, there is market for group-based gameplay.”

Saga of Lucimia is preparing to push out Release 11 during December. This build will include a patcher, shared banks, smaller group content, an updated inventory system, UI revamping, and an early iteration of the wound system.

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