Sea of Thieves plans a new not-quite battle royale PvP update, The Arena, for next year

Splash, ah-ah

The next major update for Sea of Thieves is planned for launch late this month, but the developers have plans for further in the future. Next year’s updates are indeed being planned, and the first teases of next year is a new PvP mode pitting players against one another in a direct arena. No need to parlay; just jump right in and start the cannons firing. This will include a new tavern for PvP fans, a new trading company joining alongside the existing four factions, and the aforementioned new mode of gameplay.

Before that, of course, players will have a different challenge arriving with the Shrouded Spoils update. That’s currently in testing, but you don’t need to just listen to us mention it; there’s a whole development video just below talking about the immediate next update as well as the Festival of the Damned. It’s not as far in the future, but it’s still the future all the same.

Source: YouTube, Twitter, Polygon
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