Sea of Thieves plans a new not-quite battle royale PvP update, The Arena, for next year

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The next major update for Sea of Thieves is planned for launch late this month, but the developers have plans for further in the future. Next year’s updates are indeed being planned, and the first teases of next year is a new PvP mode pitting players against one another in a direct arena. No need to parlay; just jump right in and start the cannons firing. This will include a new tavern for PvP fans, a new trading company joining alongside the existing four factions, and the aforementioned new mode of gameplay.

Before that, of course, players will have a different challenge arriving with the Shrouded Spoils update. That’s currently in testing, but you don’t need to just listen to us mention it; there’s a whole development video just below talking about the immediate next update as well as the Festival of the Damned. It’s not as far in the future, but it’s still the future all the same.

Source: YouTube, Twitter, Polygon

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Bruno Brito



I said it back in March, maybe even earlier, but SoT has had the basic systems in place for a BR if they ever wanted to pursue that.

Putting PvP more into a controlled optional atmosphere is the only way to really reward it in a way that doesn’t make it run over the rest of the ‘shared world adventure game’ aspect. So it makes sense for them to pursue a structured mode that folks can jump into without worrying about it interrupting their regular play.

Guess I should maybe poke back in and see what’s all new but it’s hard to really commit a long enough session to that game.


Jesus Battle Royale is like a bad dream. Its infecting everything now.

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Rees Racer

Anyone else looking forward to Ubisoft’s Skull & Bones next year? I learned to sail at an early age (5 or 6), and have a sincere love for the genre in all forms: books, films, and games. I’ve played many “age of sail” games over the years, but Sea of Thieves just wasn’t going to be the one for me. I still hope people are enjoying it, though.


Sea of Thieves is fun in spurts. I think my real turnoff is that the game is obviously designed around being in a group and I don’t really have any friends to consistently play it with to where my options are playing slot machines with random matchmaking or using the Sea of Thieves Discord to find more competent teammates.

Now the adventures and goofy stuff that can ensue are great but the grind can be pretty taxing and overall the game requires a hefty time commitment to really feel like you’re making any progress in anything. Despite initially coming off as casual friendly it’s got a pretty bipolar attitude when it comes to actually trying to pursue various rewards.

Danny Smith

Tfw you wish for Rare to escape Kinect hell but you get creative bankruptcy as the trade off.