Guild Wars 2’s latest update revamps runes and sigils

Guild Wars 2’s latest update revamps runes and sigils

The folks at ArenaNet have released the latest game update for Guild Wars 2, and it brings an overhaul to the game’s runes and sigils as well as a couple of new PvP arenas, among other changes. The focus of this update is certainly the revamp of runes and sigils, many (if not all) of which have had their effects reworked “to create greater variety and versatility and to promote more active gameplay.” In addition, runes and sigils can now be salvaged to gain “new materials that can be used to craft sigils or runes as well as new items.”

The update also adds two new structured PvP arenas in which players will be able to do battle. The first is Djinn’s Dominion, a 5v5 conquest map that takes place in a Djinn’s bottle and which is currently open for beta testing in unranked and custom games. There’s also the Asura Arena, which is available in custom arenas.

And speaking of PvP, the devs have also announced that a 2v2 Tournament Week will be beginning on November 26th and will run until December 1st. Throughout the week of festivities, players can pair up and take part in structured PvP tournaments (held four times per day) to compete for fabulous gem prizes. The first-place team in each region will receive 1,000 gems, with second place receiving 700 gems, and third and fourth place receiving 400 gems each.

You can find the latest update’s patch notes, as well as the full details on the upcoming 2v2 Tournament Week, over on the game’s official site.

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Tommie Wiseau
Tommie Wiseau

runes and sigils can now be salvaged

Finally i can clean my bags