Otherland deep-dives its brand-new Fire Isle expansion


Yesterday, Drago Entertainment announced that Otherland’s – or rather, Otherland Next’s, as the Tad Williams MMO appears to have gotten a rebrand – next big thing, an expansion dubbed Fire Isle, is live. It boasts eight new questing areas, 90 quests, and a ton of new weapons and items. It also boasts eight cinematics, which might be the first time I’ve ever seen a game issue that specific stat. Now that it’s out, the team has been drumming up player attention with the sort of teaser posts one might have expected before the launch rather than after, but if you’re not playing already, maybe they’ll entice you.

“Fire Isle is our most ambitious addition to the game yet and it features a complex and vast storyline combining the NeoGrail, Dark Army and a full-blown civil war between the Fire Army generals,” Drago writes in its post today. “While the war for 5Isle continues we venture back to the Fire Isle to recruit the legendary Fire Army. Dive deep into the civil war between the generals, help the rebel forces and uncover what makes the fire people a force to be reckoned with. If you fail, there will be no stopping the Celestial Dragon. With the release yesterday we have opened 5Isle’s new region Fire Isle.”


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Castagere Shaikura

Man this is the mmo i really wish would make a huge turn around. The game world is so unique. But the game play needs to be worked on. When you get to the first city mall area its just so amazing to be in. I could see a lot of players hanging out there if the game gets better.


Agreed, being a huge fan of the novels, I always thought they would be a great setting for an mmo. I really want this one to work.