Warframe hits a new concurrency record on Steam with its Fortuna update

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater Warframe

Were people excited by the prospect of Warframe’s latest update? Yes, it turns out. So excited that the game managed to break its own concurrency record on Steam when the patch launched, hitting nearly 132,000 players at its peak. This broke its previous record of 129,000 with the Sacrifice update a few months back, which should be proof enough that the game is building up momentum rather than bleeding it up. Or people just love open-world exploration in the game. Or both!

Neither console players nor standalone launcher numbers are included in this concurrency record, so you’ll have to just guess and speculate about what concurrency looked like there. It seems a safe bet that it wasn’t confined to just Steam players, though, and if we assume that’s just a smaller fraction of overall users… well, those are pretty great numbers for the game. It is possible that Warframe might be kind of good and well-loved, guys. We can even round up all the time it breaks its own records; take a look.

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