Brad McQuaid’s MMO Pantheon has snapped up Trion’s Linda ‘Brasse’ Carlson


Did you wonder where Linda “Brasse” Carlson was going to end up post-Trion Worlds’ implosion? Because you had to know she’d end up somewhere; she’s a force of nature in the MMO realm. Turns out she’s landed at Visionary Realms working on Pantheon.

“In an extraordinary tale of dragons and dwarves, we welcome Linda ‘The Brasse’ Carlson to the Pantheon team,” the game’s latest newsletter says. “Linda is no stranger to MMOs, having been the Director of Community Relations at SOE, Daybreak and most recently Trion Worlds. She is currently consulting Visionary Realms on Community Relations so expect to see her around a bit and be sure to say hello! We are very excited to have her and we are sure many of you will recognize her from some of your favorite games too.”

There’s much more to the newsletter, of course, including the news that more team members are being picked up “due to recent events a lot more talent has become available in the San Diego region.” Ahem. Pre-alpha 4 has begun as well, and there’s a lengthy look at the Perception system, which heavily influences the way questing plays out in the game world.

Source: Newsletter
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