Check out the trailer for Torchlight Frontiers’ Forged class


Oh yeah, you know a game is about to start really moving with its alphas when it starts dropping keys, business model blogs, and trailers left and right. Today, PWE and Echtra have put out a new trailer for the Forged class coming in Torchlight Frontiers.

“Things are heating up in Torchlight Frontiers, with the reveal of a new trailer for one of the game’s all-new hero classes: the Forged. This awesome automaton uses its arsenal of weaponry to build up heat before unleashing a devastating explosive attack on its enemies!”

Make sure you check your emails for those alpha stress test keys reportedly going out all week ahead of the stress test this weekend, and then make sure you’re caught up on just where the game stands on monetization – PWE announced yesterday not just that the game would be free-to-play but how that free-to-play model is likely to look in practice.

Source: Press release

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David Blair

I feel like they missed out by not making the Llama the new player class…

Bruno Brito

Oh, it’s top down.



Honest question:

Have you never heard of the Torchlight games? There’s two of them and they are reasonably popular.


Like the other games in the series? And it could have been bottom up, terrible camera angles on that.

Oleg Chebeneev

This actually looks fun as hell. Looks like they nailed combat

Indigo Salma

Stahp, and let me in the beta!!!