Classic MapleStory players will prepare to challenge the Black Mage in today’s big update


Lest you suspect that Nexon has abandoned classic MapleStory in favor of its bubbly new sibling MapleStory 2, the original is getting a major update today with its Gathering of Heroes event, in which players will be preparing to take on the Black Mage. (Actual taking-on of said Black Mage will come in phase two!)

“The Black Mage has long been the main antagonist behind MapleStory. His story originated with the role of bringing balance to Maple World, but turned dark as he realized the only way to save Maple World was to destroy it. Now that his seal has been broken, players will need to work together to defeat the legendary boss. The Gathering of Heroes event adds the Maple Alliance outpost, where players can hone their skills and prepare to level up in preparation of for their battle against the Black Mage as well as adds various levelling updates. The main goal of the Alliance is to gather ‘Determination’ and power up the holy light in the outpost to be able to fight the Black Mage. Rewards include Gathering of Heroes exclusive Pet Box, Item Box, Beauty Box, and Money Box.”

Nexon says it’s implementing a new event dubbed Tera Burning Project to help players level up more quickly in order to join the fight; it’s also unlocked Moonbridge in Tenebris for level 200+ toons and added new quests and areas for level 61+ characters to boot.

Source: Press release

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I can’t play any Nexon titles at all right now because of their buggy bloated launcher. It goes back and forth between working and not. I’m having a common issue that there is no real fix for and seems to have been stumping Nexon for over a year. I’ve tried each and every fix suggested and re-installed it a crazy number of times as well.

The games work fine, it’s just the launcher that’s killing me, and you can’t play them anymore without using the launcher… I watch my premium time I purchased in games count down and away as I can’t log in. I love it.