Lost Ark addresses player questions on open beta connectivity issues

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After what seems to be forever, Lost Ark is in testing right now in South Korea. Or launch, depending on how you look at its self-professed open beta state. Regardless, players have flooded the servers… too much, in fact. The developers took the opportunity to address player concerns, answering the most pressing questions about the connectivity issues plaguing the game.

Overseas players have been shut out largely to stop Chinese players from connecting in unauthorized ways, mostly involving RMT activities; this was also meant to hopefully alleviate queue issues, but the queue for logins remains as the number of players logging in keeps increasing. A new server was added, but more people keep joining the rush. There’s currently no compensation planned for people who miss daily login rewards as a result, but it is under discussion. Developer Smilegate has also promised to release its concurrency numbers in the future, which should be interesting to anyone curious about just how many people the game has attracted.

Meanwhile, the English-language subreddit for the game is slowly filling with hype and YouTube videos – and hope that the game is due to get a launch window here too.

Source: MMO Culture
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