The Elder Scrolls Online slows down combat updates to focus on the shape of combat

Ah, right, the big picture.

There’s been a lot of work done in The Elder Scrolls Online over the years to make combat feel better. Anyone who played the game’s combat at launch and then more recently will attest to this fact. But the developers noticed that for all the work being done on individual updates to improve combat, there was no real work being done on the overall shape of combat. It was a series of changes based on immediate issues rather than having an overarching plan for what combat should look and feel like.

For those of you familiar with the term, this is what missing the forest for the trees looks like.

The net result is that players will notice that the game’s next update will contain fewer improvements for combat; the major plans are balance passes on underused PvP sets, racial passives, and bug fixes. This is part of a larger effort to develop a comprehensive plan for combat and move forward based on that. So you’ll have a lighter update this time, but you can look forward to a bigger plan moving forward.

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