Take advantage of EVE Online’s double-training weekend


Boot up those neural implants, EVE Online capsuleers: CCP Games has announced that this weekend is a double-training weekend until November 19th. Players with Alpha accounts can log in to claim 25,000 skillpoints twice over the course of the event, and players with Omega accounts can claim a whopping 50,000 skillpoints. The official post cautions that the skillpoints “are issued on an account rather than a character basis,” so players should be sure to log into the character to which they want to apply the skillpoints.

The event is a timely one, as EVE recently launched its latest expansion, Onslaught, bringing with it new abyssal deadspace content for both PvE and PvP players, new ships, an updated UI, and more. If you want to read up on what you can expect from Onslaught before you jump in to take advantage of the double-training weekend event, be sure to check out our deep dive of the new content.

Source: Official Site. Thanks, Wilhelm!

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You meant to qualify your statement with “in my preferred ship and fitting” right?

There’s a full range of ships alpha clones can fly up through battleships and faction hulls.

In fact I might explore Brave’s offer here.


Wilhelm Arcturus

It is a double skill points weekend, not a “doubled skill-training speed” weekend. You get a days worth of skill points, 25K for an Alpha or 50K for an Omega, by logging in. That is all you get. Otherwise skill points will train at the same speed as always.

The graphic that says “2x the training speed” is somewhat misleading. It is technically true under specific circumstances, since you double your skill points by logging in and collecting the bonus, so you have effectively doubled your training speed for that day, unless you have attribute implants that already boost your training speed or are running a cerebral accelerator, in which case you have not.

As with everything in EVE Online, this was more complicated than it needed to be.