Vindictus is launching new hero Grimden in December


Hot on the heels of its eighth anniversary celebrations last month, Nexon’s hack-and-slash MMO Vindictus has announced a brand-new hero: the “warrior-turned-merciless-assassin” named Grimden. He’s launching December 11th, but there’s stuff to do in the meantime.

“From now until December 9, 2018, players who pre-register receive the Grimden registration reward package special to Grimden when he’s available on December 11, 2018. Grimden is a deadly assassin that strikes swiftly by cloning his abilities for unpredicialte attacks, dealing punishing blows in the blink of an eye. The exclusive reward package from the Grimden Registration Event offers players Grimden in his deadliest form.”

Nexon’s also touting two ongoing events: one that offers bonus items to returning players and one that offers leveling bonuses. Grimden’s reveal trailer is below!

Source: Press release
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Gotta love MMOs that not only genderlock your character choices, but even name them for you! I love them so much I let the devs play them for me, no need to even download!


The 15 year old emo kids will love him.