World of Warcraft puts another ring on Azerite armor’s finger

Even when that emotional connection is being violently severed.

We are starting to worry that Blizzard’s solution for everything wrong in World of Warcraft’s latest expansion is to throw another ring on the Azerite armor screen. While players can expect to see up to five rings come Patch 8.1 next month, who knows where the studio will stop in trying to placate fans? Twenty-six rings as of 2020, that’s our prediction.

In any case, Blizzard also mentioned that it’s continuing to fine-tune war mode by balancing out the factions in the field. “We do have some plans in store in Tides of Vengeance (Patch 8.1) to entice the underrepresented faction with greater rewards to increase participation and create more active Horde/Alliance mixed War Mode shards,” the studio said.

The studio also gave fans a heads-up that it’s moving World of Warcraft discussion to a new forum system today that will add features such as better text formatting, infinite scrolling, and the return of the Blizz Tracker.


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Tomato on a turd sandwich.

Danny Smith

Is there legitimately any significant part of the userbase going “oh wow, just want i wanted! im so excited!” over this stuff?

I mean i get the modern AAA western thing is “if i admit something is a mistake the people paying my checks ask why im in this position and potentially costing them and the shareholders money and how soon i can be replaced” so get full blinders on and double down. Its basically Destiny 2’s entire first year of its lifespan after all. But boy does this one make blizzard look out of touch and detached from its userbase in a time where its a running trend.

I mean personally i was gifted 5 months of sub time by friends who wanted anyone from their guild to come back and even they stopped playing and i sure as shit and not playing this as a single player game. The ‘necklace holding gear bonuses hostage’ mechanic is abhorrent. Its just the key issues with garrisons bar the ‘buildings do professions for you’ stuff and all i needed to see was my first mythic piece with 3 tiers of stuff locked with the last being 6+ necklace levels of grinding just to unlock and thats not fun. You can go into detail of why it sucks and the core of its issues effecting the game but “its not fun” is really as far as i need to go to not log in.
I thought i would at least stay for the story but so far its kind of garbage. Alliance side at least. So theres just nothing redeeming for it. Warlords was a blatant new low, this is just boring mediocrity and thats not worth time nor money.

Randy Savage

Maybe they’re purposely making the current game a far cry from where it’s come from to make WoW Classic look all the more appealing. Think about it. If Classic becomes a big success for them, they’ll be making money off a version of the game that’s in glorified maintenance mode. Meanwhile they’ve still got the current game going for newer players who weren’t around when the game was better. It’s the best of both worlds for Blizz. The jaded veterans can go play Classic and the noobs who don’t know any better can keep grinding Azerite. It’s brilliant!



This really makes me think of the old Jay Wilson moment with Diablo and the Inferno difficulty in their testing of it.

“Then we doubled it.”

He’s uhh…not on the team currently, is he?


The azerite system is boring when you get the right pieces and frustrating when you don’t. There’s really no situation where I got an azerite piece and was excited, mostly because the azerite gear doesn’t add anything interesting, such as a play style change that spices up your four button rotation; all getting the best gear for many specs does is allow you to sim better. It’s another layer of RNG in hoping you get those optimal traits among all of the other layers of RNG in the game right now. 8.1 looks to alleviate some of that with being able to buy targeted azerite gear, but the original problem of the gear isn’t going to be solved by adding more rings of traits to choose from.

There’s a lot wrong with Battle for Azeroth, and azerite is only one of the things. I’m sure some of the problems will get worked out over the course of the expansion, but they will have lost me before then. Constant reinvention of core systems like loot progression and rewards doesn’t work when it takes several patches to get those systems back into functional states. They should have spent that development time on making all of the classes and specs fun and viable when the expansion launched, not 4-5 months later.


/le sigh


“We know you guys aren’t happy with the way Azerite gear currently works, so we’re throwing on another layer of it!”

Because that’s totally going to solve anything… *sigh*

Jake Boller

Me: I don’t like this pile of crap

Blizzard: yo dog I heard you like crap, here’s another turd on the pile

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Ashfyn Ninegold

Guess it’s SDPPvP at Blizz (Still Desperately Pushing PvP).

The more they push PvP and give it extra rewards, the less and less interest I have in WoW. It’s quite clear they hope to groom a player base willing to engage in eSports and if not engage then buy tickets to same.

Count me out.

Nathan Aldana

Its adorable because they dont seem to understand that if pvp isnt fun in and of itself for someone, nobody is gonna war mode


Uhm another ring as in addition to the one they already unveiled or still just that one?

If they are trying to recycle the path of the titans that they scrapped for cataclysm, they are doing a piss poor job at it, I’ll say that