Blade & Soul’s Theater of Mystery update takes center stage on December 5th

Don John.

It’s almost showtime for Blade & Soul’s next update, Theater of Mystery, which will bring a new heroic dungeon and a new solo dungeon to NCSoft’s martial-arts MMO. When the update goes live, players will be able to take center stage in the new Dreamsong Theater heroic dungeon, which will “pit players against a playhouse of evil.” Solo players will also have some new content to explore in the form of the new Den of the Ancients solo dungeon, where players “will be challenged by three immortal spirit guides who will test the limits of [their] chakras” in hopes of earning “rewards that will unlock their full potential,” whatever exactly that means.

This news, of course, may seem a bit underwhelming to hardcore Blade & Soul fans, who were largely displeased by the announcement late last month that the end-of-year update would not include the much-awaited class awakenings and Lyn Warden. As revealed in an October producer’s letter, this content has been delayed, and there’s no word yet on when players can expect it.

In preparation for the update’s release, the devs are running a promotion in which players can register to receive a free Holiday Bash Gift Pack containing a unique seasonal outfit and head adornment, seven days of premium membership, a Hongmoon XP Charm, and 10 Hongsil’s Secret Storehouse Keys. To get their hands on these holiday goodies, all players have to do is head over to the game’s official site and sign up for a gift pack anytime before the update launches on December 5th.


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Well, it will be a long winter for many BnS faithful here in the west. In the meantime, players in APAC have awakenings to play with and progress through.

This new content they speak of, is ok. Ok, that’s all. And there will be a Treasure Trove in December for those willing to spend. Heh. Yeah, I usually do buy myself a few keys for Christmas but, I’m not so motivated this year.

And I hate to say it, but I am already starting to see the effects in-game. Because the game is F2P, people leave just as easily as they arrive. And for the first time in recent memory, I’m starting to see longer wait times in forming groups. And sparser populations in usually crowded areas.

It doesn’t help that this year’s Harvest event is a bust and a big one. No one except a few content locusts like me seem to be doing it. The changes they made aren’t popular at all, and many are skipping the event altogether.

I’m grinding through because I have many alts and I have quite a bit of the tokens required from the solo dungeons. Otherwise, I wouldn’t bother either.

So, my hope is that they will see and feel the dip in their player base and get back to normal. And maybe throw in some surprises for those who are staying at least through the new year.

Take care of your player base and they will take care of you. You know what I mean?

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Yep, I skipped the latest event. Usually, if they offer a little something for nothing, I’ll hop in and play. If they just want me to grind, nevermind. It’s something I play when I’m bored elsewhere, but when I do play, I spend a lot of time on it.


*Pigtails gingerly peek around the corner to see if there are any news on Lyn Wardens*

“As revealed in an October producer’s letter, this content has been delayed, and there’s no word yet on when players can expect it.”

*Pigtails then quietly remove themselves from said corner, hung low with disappointment*



Hang in there. The message will get through to them, eventually.

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Rees Racer

I actually just reinstalled the game last night and created a Warden. I’ve got well over a hundred things in my mail backlog, I should be able to level her quickly with all the boosts, charms, keys, costumes, et al. We’ll see how much I actually play, however, as I’ve got so much going on elsewhere. ;)


Oh, you won’t be sorry. Those Wardens are fun. Got mine up to speed in record time.