Bless Online is dropping the Ruber Ossuary dungeon just in time for Thanksgiving weekend

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Dog ’em all you want, but Neowiz is plainly not giving up on Bless Online anytime soon. Today’s Steam note heralds still more content launching for the newly-out-of-early-access MMORPG, this time landing next week on November 21st ahead of the holiday.

“In the update, we will be adding the brand new Ruber Ossuary dungeon! The entrance will be able to be found in Rosso’s Mansion in Terny City for Union, and in the Timorris Abandoned Mine in the Elemental Forest for Hieron. Players will be able to enter it once per day, and must be level 50 to do so. A five-person party is recommended to tackle this challenge, as players will be facing down a variety of nefarious bosses! In the depths of Ruber Ossuary, Sulla’s resting place, players will come face to face with mid-level bosses such as Mutant Osis, Magum the Evil Spirit Sorcerer, and Chief Priest Bursty. The Final boss of Ruber Ossuary is Sulla Ruber. From defeating these bosses, players have a chance to receive a variety of valuable rewards.”

Neowiz is also talking up new DLC packs and discounts plus the arrival of looting pets – that is, pets that have the auto-looting skill – in the cash shop. Steam Charts still shows the game with a small population, though a little bit over what it was before the formal launch.

Source: Steam

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Marquon TheGemini Battle

See everyone still complaining about the same things, optimization, Money Grabs. and people still don’t understand the difference between game developers and game publishers. The devs just suck at their job while the publishers are the ones continuously pushing for money grabs while keeping the devs from doing their job properly. AKA fixing the game.

But no one talking about the fact that the warlock and mystic still aren’t in in the game yet.


This game had the potential and the placement to scoop up players and keep them. But the developers opted for a quick money grab instead. Optimization is crap and new players should be warned away — the devs have had YEARS now to fix this and if they haven’t by now, they simply aren’t capable of doing it.


It’s probably that I first read this just after waking up, but now I can’t see the headline without it reading “Rubber Ossuary Dungeon”, and since there’s an Ossuary bird, I went straight to “Rubber Chicken Dungeon”, and spent several moments wondering why on earth Bless was putting a rubber chicken dungeon in the game for Thanksgiving. Feel free to return to your normal, sane universe now…


Still no optimization updates. This game is not only old, below mediocre, but also unplayable due to piss poor performance. And the worst of all is that this has been known issue since the Steam launch earlier this year and there is no official statement on that. They just ignore it, like nobody is complaining and keep doing what they have planned to do.


Nope. Drop new content to lag through and start adding to the cash shop. They are just trying to fool you out of your last dollars.