Mythology and modernity collide in upcoming action-RPG Breach


In the world of QC Games’s upcoming action-RPG Breach, there are two Earths: the one we know and love, and the mythological Earth, where magic and mythical creatures reign. After thousands of years, the veil between the two is collapsing, and — surprise! — our Earth is under threat of destruction at the hands of the fantastic and terrible creatures that dwell beyond. It’s up to players to harness the magic of the other-Earth and save our home from catastrophe.

Breach is a co-op, third-person, action-RPG where players can go solo or join forces with up to three of their friends to take on a series of missions around the world, in which they’ll have to fight their way through waves of mythological monsters, complete objectives, and slay the boss. Along the way, their efforts will be complicated by the mysterious Veil Demon (controlled by a fifth player in an asymmetrical multiplayer mode), which can “possess and empower” enemy creatures and “create breaches, pulling in environmental hazards from the parallel, Mythological Earth.” There are currently 18 hero classes and 6 Veil Demon classes for players to choose from, and as players progress through the game, they’ll be able to customize their characters to fit their playstyles. Breach is currently undergoing alpha testing, but it’s slated to launch on Steam’s Early Access program sometime before the end of this year.

Source: Steam. Thanks, Hakim!
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